Additional Information


I don’t draw very often. In my early days as a painter I used my drawings as studies for paintings that I intended to do. The drawing to the right of this text is a work I did many years ago that never made it to a canvas. This is drawing of my father’s favorite chair. He was a big man and didn’t like to sit in or on anything that was very difficult to get out of. 

This drawing of a chair does represent my true style of work. I’m not trying to get every detail to look exactly like a line drawing of a photograph. I want the drawing to be mine and not necessarily influenced by anyone else. This makes for an original work. 

Over the years I have often done these little studies on various types of paper from notebook paper to the side of a paper bag. For that reason I have not kept too many in my art file. I happened across this drawing of my dad’s chair in an old sketch pad that has somehow survived my many travels. 

The latest work I have done that represents this true style is “The Vegetable People,” which I finished in 2019. I did a drawing of that painting then transferred the idea to canvas. That was two or three years before I actually finished the work. Like many before it, I have no idea what happened to that drawing.

In the drawings above you can see two drawings that ended up on "The Bachelor" - the shell and the manikin.  The figure of the bachelor was taken from a photo and projected on to the canvas with a projector.