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My Background

I loved to draw and paint from the time I was a little boy, honing my skills on crayons and paint by the numbers.  I took art in high school using mostly water colors.  In college, I learned to stretch canvas and paint with oil and acrylic.  A couple of very good art teachers convinced me that my work (actually the style I paint in) was praiseworthy.  This led to a lifetime leisure pursuit.  


My Studio

My studio is a stacked up junk yard filled with projects at various stages of completion.  I like painting with oil colors, but also enjoy wood-working.  I go through phases when I just can't paint enough to not painting for months, then an idea hits and its back to smelling mineral spirits and boiled linseed oil.


My Inspiration

Things that are developing in the world is the inspiration of this painting titled "The End of The Cow."  In the background, a man is walking away with the DNA of the beef cow, and watching is the rancher/cowboy as his industry is about to change and in the future beef will be produced in a centrifuge.  The cow no longer has to fear the butcher, but now should fear the fate of dwindling numbers.  The cow and all who depend on this animal, from man to the dingle bug, now face a new future.  In the end, the grim reaper takes us all.

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